And i don't need no secrets I give up on lies
New beginnings, the same troubles... A girl, lonely, messy, dysfunctional, passionate... Music, tv show, letter, movie. A million things in a single mind
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@NormaniKordei: Beyonce went vegan… SO WE WENT VEGAN

Rita & Katie on instagram - favorite pics. (x)


The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.


@milikaamasio: My parents with their oldest grandchild.. They raised here since birth and loved her more than I could.. That’s how much they love this brat lol and although Dinah knows how much my parents love her she doesn’t take them for granted cause if she did I would moloki her lol








Tony gets his own frame.

Like a Boss

It’s because he’s Tony Stark.

That’s okay. Bruce decides he wants to be in two frames. Like a Hulk.

reblogging this again because look at how Natasha and Clint fuckin’ strut and own that frame hell yeah

Steve just kind of wandering around

omg I didn’t even think to click on them before now just do it


RARE PHOTO: Another photo of Camila with other contestants

“I call you ‘Lo’ sometimes, but, sometimes, I call you like ‘Loren’.”
— Camila Cabello. Fifth Harmony Radio Disney Interview 2014.  (via team5hjauregui)